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FDNY Engine 284/Ladder 149

FDNY Engine 284/Ladder 149

 P.S. 105 and Class 2-2 received a very special visit from the firefighters of Engine 284.  With all their love and thanks they responded to a letter written by student Xi Man. In his letter he thanked the firefighters that helped to rescue him and his family's lives during a fire in their home last year. Touched by this young boy's letter,  Captain Chris Kane, Firefighters Dom Dibiase, and Christopher Rossi along with several other firefighters paid a visit to him and his classmates.  They generously bought Xi Man and his brother firetrucks and gave all of his classmates fire helmets, flashlights and coloring books. They also explained the importance of having smoke detectors in your home. The P. S. 105 staff and students send heartfelt thanks to the firefighters of Engine 284 and the FDNY for risking their lives on a daily basis to keep everyone safe!!!

Your Milk Comes From a Good Place

Please open the link below to read how the Department of Education,in partnership with the American Dairy Association is conducting a fun city-wide promotional program.

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American Dairy Association


Let's help our children make healthy choices. Please look at the link to learn more about healthy eating habits.

Statement on Accessibility


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