P.S. 105's very own artist Ms. Li was inspired to create a video capturing student created artwork. These images capture the various emotions and feelings our amazing students felt during the quarantine.  Their creations are beautiful and will bring a warm and loving smile to your heart.  Click on the remote artwork link  below to view.

P.S. 105 IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!! 


P S 105 Remote Artworks 1.mp4 


Musical IQ


Thank you to musical IQ for their excellent interactive music and drum program.Their philosophy is that music is a part of life and is universally accessible. Each person is endowed with unique gifts and talents and that with the assistance of music and drumming we can explore the diversity and beauty in the world. Some of our students were given the opportunity to showcase their talents on the stage and they were simply AMAZING!!! 


Who is NED?

NED Show

Grade 4 Native American Broadway Spectacular

 This year our 4th grade was involved in an in depth study of the Native American culture. They gained a deeper understanding of how the Native Americans depended on each other for survival as well as the challenges they faced. The philosophy of the Native Americans was wonderfully expressed throughout the whole performance. The message of peace, love and support was so powerful. Students were given the opportunity to research and develop their own poems, lyrics and dances. Students also incorporated the STEM process by designing, developing and creating their very own examples of longhouses.

CONGRATULATIONS to our wonderful 4th grade teachers and students on their successful presentations during the Native American Broadway Spectacular.  EVERYTHING from the costumes to the artwork, songs, poems and dances, was truly AMAZING!!!!!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. It is a performance that will truly be remembered!


Native American Broadway Spectacular

P.S. 105 Celebrates Human Rights

Our 5th graders participated in an extensive study of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They showcased their knowledge by creating various types of  artwork. Each class presented their exhibit by discussing the meaning of their representations. A HUGE congratulations to the teachers and students for their amazing artwork and creations. You truly captured the meaning of Human Rights!

Human Rights Art Gallery at P.S. 105

We Have Rights

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