Daily Announcements

"Fifth grade teacher, Ms. Ellen Post and her students, Wendy Wei and Nichole Liu(pictured on the right) were invited to the Jewish Children's Museum's Gala dinner on Monday, April 4th 2016.  
The speech connected their experience at the museum and what they learned from their visit, reflecting on the theme of the evening, Building Bridges One Child at a Time.   The special honoree at the event was Former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
The focus of the museum is for children of all faiths and backgrounds to gain positive perspectives and awareness of another culture, fostering tolerance and understanding.  All NYC Public School classes are specially funded to visit for free.

During the week of December 7-13th, P.S. 105 participated in the Hour of Code in celebration of computer science education week!!! Congratulations to all our students!!!

Click on the link below to learn more about the Hour of Code!!!!

P.S. 105 celebrates the Mets. Let's go Mets!!!!!!

Movie night was a huge success! There were 600 participants! Tickets were sold out!

On Saturday October 17,2015 our school participated in the Marco Polo Parade in Little Italy. It was a wonderful event!

On Wednesday June 24, 2015 the children and staff were honored for their dedicated service. Thank you for volunteering your time!

On Saturday June 20, 2015 P.S. 105 participated in Relay For Life.  We thank everyone for their generous contributions and hard work. 

On Sunday, May 17, 2015 Senator Marty Golden and CACPI co-sponsored an event in recognition of Asian Heritage. Congratulations to Ms. Lo and her performers for their beautiful dance routine!

On Saturday May 16,2015 Mrs. Lo and her dance group performed at the 9th Avenue International Food Festival in Manhattan. Congratulations to Ms. Lo and her students!

Please click on the attachment to view P.S. 105's cell phone policy.

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The Common Core State Standards require that all students be able to read and comprehend texts of steadily increasing complexity as they progress through school so that they can independently read a range of texts. We have worked with several schools via our Secondary Literacy Pilot to glean understandings about the challenges and realities of this work. Several of the resources that are available on this page have been co-developed with NYC teachers. Currently, we have made several resources on Text Complexity available. As the year progresses and more resources related to secondary literacy are available, we will share them with you here!


Find additional resources to support your literacy work, including:

Common Core State Standards

For Families

For Families

The Common Core standards were developed by educators and other experts based on research and lessons learned from top-performing countries. The standards describe the skills and knowledge your children need to succeed in a rapidly changing world, including the ability to think creatively, solve real-world problems, make effective arguments, and engage in debates.

Jewish Children's Museum Gala Dinner

Chinese New Year 2016

Upcoming Events

Mon, May 23 - Fri, May 27
Hands on 4th Grade Science Exam
Friday, May 27
Grandparents/Hispanic Heritage Celebration
The performance will be held in the auditorium at 9:00 A.M.
Monday, June 6
4th Grade Science Written Exam
Wednesday, June 22
5th Grade Graduation
5th Grade Graduations will be held from 9-11 A.M.
Classes 5-2,5-4,5-6,5-8,5-10
Thursday, June 23
5th Grade Graduation
5th Grade Graduation will be held in the auditorium form 9-11
Classes 5-1,5-3,5-5,5-7,5-9
Friday, June 24
Kindergarten Stepping Up Ceremony
Tuesday, June 28
Last Day of School
Enjoy the summer!!!